What’s the best Kodi build to replace diggz xenon with or for real debrid?

What’s the best kodi build with or for real debrid? Because Diggz Xenon no longer is working

Hi @rssechler
Here is a link to the best Kodi builds by Troypoint. Pretty sure you can find one to use. Good luck.


My best advice is no build.

Clean kodi with crew oath seren linked to real debrid.

The above shows best builds. Hope you get setup.

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its working for me /grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo/

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Xenon is working great for us. I always wait 3 to 4 minutes for everything to load until I see the icons at the top.
I love this build for live TV also. Since JC media is no longer working, we use Xenon for football. Crew Sports is great and it’s FREE.

I usually watch movies and TV shows that are NOT LIVE on Cinema. I have all I need for now.

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