What makes a good vpn router

With the thousands of routers out there I’m wondering what to look for. I know that some work well some work ok and some don’t work at all. Looking to maybe snag up a black Friday deal. I tried a router once and it was very disappointing. It worked great without vpn. After I added vpn I went down to dial up speeds (multiple services tested) so it had to be the router specs. I know someone here will point me in the right direction. TIA

I know Troy reviewed the Express VPN Router, but seemed like their firmware still doesn’t have a working kill switch and must not have Wireguard protocol either. I understand why VPN routers are convenient, but using a VPN in this matter clearly takes away a lot of features that the standalone apps have. I did some research to add them to my Zen Wifi router, but the functionality and features that this method lacks drove me away from that idea.

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My little knowledge I’d go with an Asus router with WRT, Wi Fi 6 or 6e

Asus makes terrific routers in general. In the case of VPN ROUTERS, is it better to go with a VPN company, or a Router company? :thinking:

The one I tried was an Asus actually and my speed went so low I’d be lucky to be able to stream SD content

Any vpn is going to cut your speeds in half at best no matter the router brand. I find the asus as my fav mostly because of the 3rd party merlin firmware. Stick with the top of the line routers as the cheaper ones ax56u in my case didnt perform well and I upgraded. There is flash routers pre-set for purchase as well.

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