What is up with IP Vanish

Are you closing IP Vanish, i keep seeing you are promoting Shurfshark.
I have IP Vanish and on my phone i have to turn it off to go to some sites and to watch my tv on phone have to turn off also

If you actually read the articles on troypoint.com we tell you that ipvanish is still a top vpn and troy lists the reasons he picked surfshark for the number one spot. Ipvanish is still number 2. Please read up on this as he was vary transparent on this.

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I’ve been using IPVanish for years and only ever had one problem with speed on the Firestick which was addressed with an update. I don’t have it connected all the time though as it will block some online banking and a few other things, but I’ll use it on the Firestick when streaming from Syncler+ and Netflix sometimes to get USA content from Ireland, also use it for region locked sites which is very handy.
Other than that it’s off most of the time, I just use a Raspberry Pi with “Pihole” which is a DNS sink-hole to block adverts, telemetry etc which my entire network goes through 24/7 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want to cancel IP Vanish, won’t work on my phone. Thanks