What is the proper way removing the 50/50 thumb drive from Firestick 4K?

It’s the original 4k running the “6” software.
I tried unplugging the firestick from power and then removing the Sansdisk 3.2 drive.
Before powering up the firestick, I plugged in the usb drive and the system crashed.
After power cycling, the stick kept powering on & off without ever getting to the point of being able to access the menu.
I finally was able to factory reset with the remote after several attempts.

I would like to be able to remove the drive to load some content with my computer without having to go through the hassle of setting everything up again.
Any advice?


This is why I made a post about USB formatting options. My advice, aside from getting a different streaming device, would be to buy an OTG adapter with more than one USB port. Use one flash drive for expanded internal storage and the other for removable external. But, if you insist on using one drive then I would power off your device and disconnect it from power before you remove the flash drive. As well as plug the flash drive back in before powering the device back up.


Upgrade to the Max. Much easier to use a USB drive, format it, mount and unmount it. A very nice upgrade. Not to mention wifi 6.


Thanks Jayhawks for the reply!
I didn’t read your post before following TP’s tutorial…and Troy’s instruction covers partitionng one drive. I can see the advantages about using 2 drives. I’m considering starting again and going the 2-drive route.
As far as what I did, I did do exactly what you suggested: powered off before removing the drive and then plugged it back in before powering the firestick back up.

The only reason that I bought the old version is because for $25 it was well worth it. I was not going to spend $50 toward another streaming device. At the present I do not have the equipment nor the ISP subscription to make wifi 6 relevent at all…nor willI in the forseeable future.


Look for something like this in your FS settings. This is on a Nvidia, but I am certain a FS has something similar.

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I haven’t been able to find an eject USB option anywhere on my FS.
There is one on my android 10 box…

If I’m overlooking the option, I’d appreciate it if a Firestick user would let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t have something like this showing on your stick?

Sup elgin…

If you dont have what Power has above… u have a diffrnt “gen”…
I have a couple that do & couple that dont…
But i dont use it anyway, i just take my flashes out freely…

& I also use a multi drive hub



Sketch & Power,
I don’t appear to have that option. The only clue that I have a USB at all (without using a file manager) is the indictor on the apps that are install on the drive.

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If it’s a new 4k Max then the USB drive is found in settings>my fire tv>About>Storage.

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Yeah E… it must be an older 4k cuz my 2 older ones dont have USB commands…
Miki & I have found other differences as well…

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I have the Max PF and I’ve never seen a screen like that. Is that on a Firestick?

Hey Sketch, I’ve had every type of Firestick since 2017 and never ever saw a screen like PF put up.

Got that pic off the net when I did a little research. I haven’t used or owned a FS in the last 5 years.

How to add External USB OTG Storage and Move Apps on the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 3, and Fire TV Cube | AFTVnews

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Like my OP mentioned…it’s the older 4k running “6”.
To be honest, I’m thinking about trying to remove the drive and loading in some content, then plugging it back in. If the 4K crashes, I’ll just reset & start again, except use Jayhawk’s suggestion about using two drives.


Ahh I thought you had said that. I’ve never seen that before. Now I’ll get the old otg cable out and plug in a usb drive and see what happens. Tomorrow, junior hockey is starting now.

Junior hockeys’ been canceled Miki…sorry… but panthers rangers is on…lol

IIHF tourny i meant

Yeah E…

Reformat it on the computr… itll play what u put on it… then getcha a smays multi hub adapter & format
a drive with the firestick for internal- app stuff or vice-versa

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