What is the best vpn so far

This is all just personal opinions. Read each review and find one that suites your budget, can cancel after 30 days try another.


I used wireguard at first but now find Open is more friendly with everything.

I use IPVanish as recommended by Troypoint but then he recommended Surf shark. I tried Surfshark it seem pretty good but I can’t get Foxtel in Australia thru it, which is the same for IPVanish. IPVanish linked me with StrongVPN and that opens up Foxtel (Australia). I’m in Canada. Bit of mucking around but worth it to get some good Aussie football etc.

I’m using it now. Getting half if not less speeds then I do with SS and Express

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He recommends both and explains why he picked one over another. IPV is still second just so you know.

For me express is the best

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Expressvpn here! Used for 2 years now, but definitely not the cheapest.


Express works well for me. Been using it for 1 1/2 years.

Express is fantastic! If Surfshark didn’t knock my socks off, I would still be using it. I just wish it had unlimited connections and more features like SS does. Great speeds!