What is a Good Internet Speed? Everything You Need to Know

Originally published at: What is a Good Internet Speed? Everything You Need to Know

This article will answer an age-old question among cord-cutters: What is a good Internet Speed? Nothing spoils streaming your favorite TV show quite like constant buffering. When your internet connection slows down, it affects not just your on-demand TV experience but also the quality of your video calls, file sharing, online gaming, and more. This…

The majority of cable tv suppliers give you a basic internet access point that is best when directly connected to their modem. You can opt to pay for an internet booster and you will see some improvement. If all locations are not provided with a direct connection to the modem, you can use a router to send access to the internet via wifi. The farther away from the modem/router you are, internet access in other locations in your home diminishes greatly. Router extenders don’t help much. I found a solution which has really impressed me for performance improvements in all areas using fire sticks, printers and my laptop. I use two Linksys Velop internet modems to send the internet to the farthest room in my home. The first Velop is connected directly to the modem and the second is placed in the center of the home of 2000 sq ft one flight up from the first modem. Download speed from the Spectrum app shows 60 Mbps in the farthest location. Goodby to all buffering. Have sold my new router and it’s extender on to a third party with a smaller home. I hope this info is helpful to all.