What does everyone game on!

What’s your setup! Just curious to see what people use, what games they play abs their setups! All welcome

I don’t have pics but I currently pc game.

Waiting for dying light 2.

I have a wii with a bunch of Retro games. I also have a PS4 that I picked up recently from my BIL. Different skill sets for controls but enjoying both.

Candy Crush on my phone :man_shrugging:t3:


That sounds like you. Gotta love candy crush.

I do all gaming on a PC. I also have a Raspberry Pii that has Retro gaming software installed that plays every arcade game, Playstation 1, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Coleco ect (basically every console)

I’m REAL old school. A chessboard lol. Sorry I couldn’t resist. At one time I built a gaming computer from the CPU up, fans, lights, clear case, mobo, everything. Then once i quit using Winblowz I never gamed again.

PC, currently ARMA 3 and Subsistence.

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I’m currently gaming on a PS5 and also use pc and android box for classic retro games through emulation. I have the halo special edition Xbox series X on pre order which will arrive in Nov. Looking forward to diving into that gamepass catalog :slight_smile: it’s the best deal in gaming right now!

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Welcome to our community!!

Good choices. I love to emulate classics on my pc I recently got the super nes remastered with every game and 1080 p upscale.


Welcome to our community :raised_hands: :grinning: :pray: :heart:

Thanks for being a patron as well! Raspberry pi for retro games that’s pretty sweet.

My gaming amd rig is on the floor half done…

Tempted to sell get a shitty laptop. I don’t have much time anymore and it’s depressing.

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