What do you use as your primary streaming device?

Started 2 years ago with 4k firestick, then the firecube. Hated when Amazon started to dictate how I would use my paid for devices. Moved on, now using a device I love and may never change, Z11 Pro Max :grinning:


First had a 4K Firestick, then moved to the 2019 version of the nVidia Shield Pro. Last year (sniff, sniff) i bought a BuzzTV x5 which is a good box EXCEPT for their native IPTV player which hasn’t worked for me from Day 1 despite getting a replacement box. Whoopie, i use TiviMate anyways & another app i found in the Google Store for pausing/RW/FF Live TV. Also, their updates are nothing but a PITA!!!


nividia shield and a busstv 5…everyone complains about the native recorder on the buzz? mine works great! i record lot’s of stuff and it plays back great! same w nividia shield w tivimate…no recording problems at all with added storage on both
i also have an X96max(first recommended by troy yrs ago) that still works great,also a G96max,H10Plus,X88pro and a firestick 4k…2 new t95’s i just got and i’m playing around w them in the batcave in the basement

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1 Hisense Android TV
2 Old windows Laptop

4 years ago I started out with a 4K fire stick that a friend loaded some apps on and was totally lost on how to use it as they didn’t show me anything. Lol. Now thanks to everyone at this great community I have 3 4K’s a 4K Max and just recently a Mecool KM2 + and probably something else in the future.:grimacing:


I use Buzz Tv e2 se
I have x88 pro as vackup
I also have access to XMBC on laptop.

Prefer no builds with just a few addons , still have not enabled real debrid