What browser do you use on Onn

To all:
What browser are y’all using on the Onn??
I am using JioPages from the Google Play store.
I like it, very clean ,simple, intuitive.
It has a built in Ad Blocker and I find that some apps that had tons of popup’s & ad’s on firestick have less or none on this browser.
It also has Secure Browsing which you can turn on, not actually sure what that does.!!
Also has Incognito mode.
You can Bookmark of course, but you can also set sites as Quick Links on the Home page for easy access.
It is an Indian browser, but don’t be put off by that, default is English and it all works just great.
Also has Downloading, but I have never tried that.
Let us all know what you use and your comments on Jiopages if you use that one.

Tor, brave opera gx.

I don’t see those in Google play store accessed with Onn.
Onn may have reduced access to apps in Google Play.


I would use the Downloader, or look for them on apk pure.

I have tried from apkmirror and from opera.com
Neither will install, one gives an option to go to Google Play version which says:
This version isn’t compatible with your device.
The downloaded file from Opera.com says Can’t open file when clicked in the Download folder, using Jiopages browser to Download.
GX version does nothing.
Is there a AFTVnews Downloader option string for Android TV that would install?

I have tried to get Opera, Brave, never was successful.

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Opera gx has a mobile version probably isnt capable with onn, brave should be i posted a tutorial


I found an article on you tube that shows how to put Chrome on the Onn.

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i try to run Firefox on everything. but not sure if it will work for everything. have it on my fire stick 4k. but dont use it much.

On the 4K Max I use the silk browser as it is optimized for the firestick and is cloud based. It’s my go to app for getting sports without buffering, and I have other channels saved in my favourite that I also watch.


And I use Silk on my Firestick 4K, works fine, but not available on the Onn.
Actually seems that there are not many “official” Android TV browsers in Google Play, for the Onn.
I tried TV Bro but did not like it.

Ya I tried bro on my KM2 and didn’t like it. Honestly I tried everything and never was able to find a browser that worked as well as Silk on my Max. I took a look but didn’t find any raves for any browser on the ONN. I’m going to give it another look. Fresh cup of Joe and morning started.
From what research I could find, customers suggested the Puffin browser.

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The question is what browser you use on the ONN, not the fire stick. I am using ,JioPages.

I’m finding there are many apps unavailable to me on my ONN & MeCool Google certified boxes…not sure why that is…ehh :roll_eyes: I just get em from Troy’s RAI, Downloader/APKPure or Unlinked.

FYI…I just left Puffin on my boxes…very seldom use a browser on my devices so no biggie for moi’…

I use silk on onn and all other boxes

I know what you need it on and I spent an hour combing through blogs and sites trying to find you a solution. My comment was a general one only. But you seem to have it under control so I’ll leave you to it, good luck.

Maybe I’ll put Silk on my boxes…just cause it sounds cooler than Puffin…smooth as :sunglasses: :flushed:

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I used to like the Puffin browser but to me now it seems to have gone more commercial. Silk will need to be sideloaded except on fire stuff.

Like I say…just don’t use them…but I do remember Silk from my firestick days…tried Chrome but it & most others are laborious to me…guess I’m too used to my Firefox set up…creature of habit too.

The one thing I like about Silk is it’s cloud based and using it for streaming is smooooth as **** well Silk. :owl: :computer:

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Yea, I use only firefox…actually Librewolf in most everything I do. But Silk is my goto for streaming on occasion I need it. I live mostly in tivimate nowadays and have no use for most apps.

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