What are the best Add blockers and software to keep my key strokes not be tracked

What are the best add blocker software , and my stokes from being captured? Is this one and the same software or are they 2 diferent software apps.

Keystrokes being tracked is called a keylogger which is a very serious virus used to track keywords for credit card numbers and bank info.

Im not sure what you are asking. Add blockers block website adds. Are you talking about maybe the auto complete in google?


To block key strokes is best with a good a/v software however if the virus/key logger is unknown to the software then protection is futile at that point. Best practice is watch where ya go and what ya do. Scammers are everywhere.


Id start scanning with anti virus and malware.


yes, software to block website adds is what I am aksing.

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I am using Norton, but I saw it pop up advertising for blocking trackers online, so I was looking for some software for keystroke protection. I had thought my anti virus sofware should take care of it. But when I saw the ad it has me wondereing.


Pop up adds and website add blocking is far different than keystroke programs. Those are called keyloggers.

For blocking adds look into ad blockers, also depends on the broswer you use because alot of them are built in you can turn them on. Some programs like norton may have that but you would most likely have to install a broswer extensions from Norton.

There is vpns that have them as well. What broswrr do you use?

Edit: trackers means malicious cookie tracking that infected your broswer by a bad website, it will infect your pc if not caught. Id use a a malware program plus anti vrius.

It depends on the program. You cant get them all separately or all in one program.

If you want an all in one that would be a total security suite software and its not cheap. My advice:

Vpn with malware protection
Malware protection separate program
Anti vrius
Broswer protection.

If on a windows pc allow windows defender to do that.

Thanks for that detailed information. I use the following browsers: Chrome, EI and FireFox.


Are you on a windows pc? Firefox as alot of ad blockers you can install. But if you use norton they have an option for a all in one protection if im not mistaken.

Chrome fire fox can use add blockers. And no problem.

Id use ublock origin addon for firefox and privacy badger.

Surfshark also has an add blocker but I cant vouch for it as my blocking is done by my router.

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Thanks I will check it out. Much appreciated.

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I’ve been using this for 2 years works great

I don’t use add blockers because some of my apps and websites will not work with blockerd turned on .

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