Weird Question TP Insider

All, weird question for the crew. I just got a new phone and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the TP Insider app loaded on my new phone. One would think by now after all of the cord cutting stuff this would be easy but I cannot figure out how. Samsung Galaxy S10e (work provided) but have figured out every other app (Telegram, etc) but cannot figure out how to get back the TP Insider app.


Hello @emcpheet are you referring to the TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer or the TROYPOINT Insider form? If you are referring to the Insider, this isn’t an app, it is just a website that can be accessed through your browser. If you want the TROYPOINT App, you can open your browser on the device and type the following into the address bar you must turn on unknown sources when prompted after doing this. Once it downloads, you should be able to click Open and then install it. Or, you can install it directly through a File Manager and it will be residing under your Downloads folder.

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Thanks Troy, I am looking for the insider forum (where I posted the question) as I enjoy the tips and tricks but cannot find where I can download onto my phone. I dont know why I am such an idiot and cannot remember how i got it on my old phone. Sorry for being a moron :grinning:

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@emcpheet Not a moron there are just too many different tech services pulling at our attention to know what the hell is going on :slight_smile: I would suggest just bookmarking in the browser of your mobile device. Thanks for following TROYPOINT!