Website Error On Troypoint?


I am experiencing issues whenever i connect through duck duck go. I recently answered Troys review on Nord Vpn and got this error message when confirming my subscription by Gmail.

Can anyone advise please. This seems to happen a lot with Forums I belong to.

Is this a forum issue; a Gmail issue or a duck duck go issue?

Many thanks.


The website works fine and the insider. This looks like a browser issue.

Thks. By browser, you mean duck duck go?

All i did was reply to my Gmail. Forgive my non technical brain, but can you explain please. Is this a duck duck go issue thst i have set up as my default browser?

What was the link in gmail?

Please see attached. I have just turned duck duck go off and set Firefox as default. And now I get this when replying to email.


try installing the extension https everywhere


You are responding to the auto generated email, thats what is happened. They dont get email responce, only user to user on the insider.

My apologies, I don’t understand that.

So, why did it send a confirmation request to my email?

And, just now I have received an email from Troypoint confirming my subscription was approved, despite receiving this error from duck duck go originally.

Just somewhat beyond my understanding.

Sorry, please explain how i do that.

If you are on firefox extensions are in the extension store. This might not fix the problem you have its just a common one I see from time to time.

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Ok. Many thanks. I Will look at extensions on both Firefox and duck duck go.


Are you trying to comment on the website? All you do is join the discussions name and leave email it gets submitted and needs approval.

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@TP-Dracoo Yes, i received troypoints review through my chrome browser. I replied to his review and it asked for my name and email.

Then i received an email requesting confirmation of my subscription. Perhaps i misunderstood “subscription” because i am already subscribed, hence the review being sent to me.

Thank you for explaining it.

And thank you to all who have stepped in to clarify this issue for me.:grin::pray:

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All is well, glad its sorted out. The website works differently.

Comments are enabled but require approval. It auto sends an email to you each time.

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Thks. So, in future, i just ignore the email asking for confirmation and await the automatic approval?

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Yes. That’s all.

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