We have a new FireStick

We have a new FireStick. How to even get started with it. We are in our 70’s and not real techy. Is it easy to do?
Thanks for any help to get us going.

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Welcome to the community,

When you join up you get a full firestick tutorial

This setup tutorial gets emailed to every user.

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@JJdin Hi

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Here are three links will guide you trough.
About Firesticks
Firestick Set up
Firestick apps
Those manuals are written by TP to start. If you need further assistance please post your request

Wat is firestick
How to setup firestick
Firestick Set up
Apps for firestick
Firestick apps


Once you’ve watched Troy’s tutorials and you have any further questions please feel free to PM me. I only use firesticks and have for many years. I am using the 4K Max presently. BTW I am 67 and can explain most things without the techy jargon. The Firestick is one of the easiest devices to use, but does have it’s limits, particularly when it comes to storage.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


Welcome to the community. I’m 70 years old but have been using the firestick for about 7 years. There’s definitely a learning curve if you’re new to it. Set up your Amazon account on your computer if you don’t yet have one (it’s much easier). Then get an Amazon Prime account and play around with their free offerings for a while. When your comfortable with it, try some of the “sideloaded” apps mentioned on this forum.

Post back and let us know how you’re doing!

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Excellent advice except I’d never waste my money on Prime when I can get everything they offer, except product delivery, for free

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I’m a 74 y/o and only been doing this hobby four years. Here are three 100% LEGAL and 100% FREE apps that you can find in the applications section on your firestick.
TUBI (great movie and TV app)
XUMO movies and TV
PLUTO TV movies, on demand, tv and news
There are plenty of videos on how to use each on YouTube, just enter their name in the search icon (magnifying glass).
IMDb TV is another free and legal movie and TV app. In fact, I am watching a free and legal movie on IMDb as I type this. TUBI says they have over 3,500 movies all free, but ad supported.supported
Enjoy you new streaming adventure

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Another great option for free and legal TV is the free2view project. @StreamOnABudget | Canada | #FreeTV Info: Free2View TV -- Free and Public TV without a subscription is here!
An IPTV m3u playlist that you enter into an IPTV player. I use the Premium version of TiViMate that cost me about $34 cdn for a lifetime sub. Hundreds of free channels. Here are literally dozens of free TV sources.
FAST Pages with links #1 to #10

Have fun and STREAM ON.