Watching TiViMate Recordings From Another Location

I have set up TVM to record on my PC.
Does anyone know if I can watch/retrieve a recording in TVM in another location, i.e., a different network?

Use Plex

Two votes for plex. You will need a plex pass.

Thanks, I was aware of Plex and have used it, just wondered if there was a different way within TVM.

Hello @Wkraw25

This is an older video but you will get the point.

I do exactly what you want to do in this video.

You can simply point to the same location on your PC within all of your streaming devices.

Video is in the following post.


i use nova,have for years,works great.can watch anywhere on my network.

I have mine saving on my pc also. I think that if you can remote into your computer from a different location you will be able to watch your recordings. Withat being said if you have a cloud service and it is also saved there you shoild be able to access the cloud folder and watch.