WARNING: AfFENnity adult results for regular movies

Never noticed this until today.

Was searching for a movie for my little one using the Diggz Xenon Debrid 3.0 build. As a default they use afFENity as the search for movies.

I searched for addams family and the top results were normal and then a few down, maybe 10 or so, there were explicit xxx movies with images.

Luckily the little one didnt see it but i was quite surprised they were included in the results. I tested one other and it seems xxx is part of search results.

Anyone one notice this change in the search results? I have never seen an xxx rated movie appear here before.

The build has a password protected Adult section but appearing in the "all access " area seems a little troubling.

Not complaining about the build but the addon to be clear. Seems out of nowhere.

I retitled this with a “Warning” at the request of a TP member. Hopefully to make people aware in case there are children using AfFENnity on your devices.

I feel like i told everyone that mom and dad forgot to lock the liquor cabinet and I’m wondering where everyone went. :thinking::rofl::rofl:

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It is for sure something to be aware of, so posting your experience is appreciated. My 5 year old handles the remotes on my boxes now more than ever (which makes me nervous anyway), so I do everything in my power to hide and lock down any adult stuff that might come with iptv, streaming apps, Kodi etc. I dont use Kodi for my day to day, just more fiddle with it to keep updated, but people with kids might be disinterested in apps/add-ons that get xxx results and you cant turn it off. Another great thing about Troypoint community is being able to read other’s issues and help fix them before they become our issue.


Unfortunately the two parental control add-ons that gained traction in the past no longer exist. I don’t know of any add-ons with built in filters for content ratings. However, you can completely lock down Kodi so they can’t do anything when you aren’t looking by going into the settings and enabling “Master Lock”. Somewhere in the main Kodi repository is also an add-on that enables the master lock whenever your screensaver comes on. Of course you’d have to configure your screensaver settings. You can also setup a kids profile for Kodi and only enable kid safe add-ons like PBS. But if your child isn’t old enough to use the remote by themselves I would just stick with the master lock and be mindful of what you’re searching and what results could pop up. Maybe change your view type for search results to a list with no picture preview.

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I’ve been looking at the AfFENity settings and cant find a way to block the xxx results. I checked a few other addons and they all seem to be ok.

Would this be something in the Scrapers area to fix?

For now i will use one of the custom skins in the build that doesn’t use the AfFENity addon.

Yeah my little one doesn’t control my kodi yet but is usually sitting with me when we pick a movie. Luckily she was out of the room when i noticed this.

It just seems like out of nowhere these results started with AfFENity. I figured i would have seen this before in a different movie search.

I asked the build developer on their blog if they know of any fixes. Still waiting for a reply.


I found a few other parents making the same comment but nobody seems to have a solution. Hopefully the dev will do the right thing and provide better control of the results.

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Yeah for now the only solution i have is to disable AfFENity on the family tv and use other addons.

Luckily for Diggz builds I just need to change the “Flavor” of the build and it will now only use Umbrella as the default search addon. You can pick Seren if you prefer too.


Doesn’t afFENity use Coco scrapers? The same as original Fen, Lightening and Umbrella.

I dont know what they use but i tested Umbrella and it came back without xxx results.

Fen is back in the updated (today) diggz Plus v21 build. I checked it and it has the same results as AfFENity. Not sure of the association between the two addons.

I dont know the Lightening addon at all.

The new Diggz Plus build doesn’t use Fen or AfFENity as its default movie search. It uses IMDB instead. So that helps a little.

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is possible to add the coalition addon in place of affenity

Does that have a filter for adult content or are you just throwing out random things?

Not at all. I would just prefer Coalition as my default movie addon.

Are you asking “Is it” or making a statement? Sorry just not sure.

Also, are you referring to kodi in general or the Diggz build?

You can easily add Coalition to the Diggz build. Simply go to Addons menu and select install from Repo. Select The crew repo then video addons. Then select Coalition and install.

To add to kodi in general you need to dl the crew repo first. Diggz already has it in his build.

I added Coalition to favorites so it is not my default movie search under the movie section. I dont like messing with the inner mapping of the set up too much. But it is possible i just dont do it. The newest build Diggz Plus v21 uses IMDB as the default so it won’t have xxx results. I just disabled Fen addon to be sure it isnt used.

Had something similar recently where on cinema HD i clicked on a debrid approved link to watch a recent released movie and a porn movie came on.


I have contacted the repository that handles the AfFENnity addon to ask about including a setting to disable the xxx search results.

FYI, the FEN addon also shows these results but you can turn it off in the settings under the Metadata section.

How did you contact the developer? I have a separate question I’d like to ask them.

I was given a github link by someone in the Diggz forum (not on TP) for the Repo that provides the addon. I needed to set up a github account. Not 100% surre this is the addon developer or they can contact them. Or if they will reply lol.

If you are still interested i can pm you the link.

Well, I suspect you get what you pay for.
I recently scrolled through the listings of one of my two paid provider accounts and found an adult channel that was not there before.
I simply emailed the provider and asked if they would remove the adult listing for my account and they did, almost immediately.
My other provider offers the option of having adult or not at no extra cost. I noticed on tivimate that I had the option of listing new channels checked. I found an adult channel a few months back, unchecked that option and removed (you can do that in the paid tivimate app) the adult channel from my listings.
Paid is definitely best and quite inexpensive.

Yeah I was more surprised at the content then mad. It caught me off guard. Had my little one seen something inappropriate i am sure i would have been livid.

I stopped paying for iptv years ago. Not needed for me right now. I have a great $ for cable/internet plan for the family tv to go with the onn pro. For me I’ll watch free streaming on my tv and won’t complain. Apart from sports i rarely watch live tv anyway but i can if i want.

A $3 monthly RD fee is all i currently need. And if i dont like an addon i just delete and use another. If they dont want to safeguard inappropriate material then that’s their decision. Im just asking as a parent not a customer. They owe me nothing nor I them.