Walmart 4k streamer has no sound

the box has a problem with sound bars. set up my sound bar in settings and got no sound. turned hdmi cec off then back on got the sound. But when box is turned off then back on there is no sound again. does this every time very not good maybe someone could help before my return window at walmart ends


Try to unplugging the power for TV.
It could be that the HDMI ports have lost audio.

If this doesn’t work try TP manual for more solutions.
Fix Kodi No Sound

not the problem… unplug the oon box and tv and tried again. in settings toggled hdmi (cec) and it worked. then box off and on and no sound again. Fire stick 4k works just fine using same hdmi cable and power supply in same hdmi socket. Have a Zvox sound bar working fine with everything including the oon box when it works. Has to be a setting for the onn box.

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This probably won’t help, but I have a sound bar and sub-woofer that I use with my SkyStream Pro android box. I connect the sound bar directly through my TV via the optical sound output. I then turn the actual TV speakers to zero and whatever device I am using (android box, Xbox, Nintendo Wii), the sound goes directly to the soundbar.

I had the same problem.
I had to turn the PCM ‘on’ on my TV’s sound settings & evrything was good.

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