Wallpaper Nvidia shield TV pro

Hi all, great forum I must say, thank you all for very helpful input! I can’t figure how to change the wallpaper on Nvidia shield TV pro nor find good download site. Any suggestions??

How do you have knowledge on the shield? I didn’t think you had one,
How you doing today?

Well, research my friend. Its everywhere. And typically the setup to change wallpaper is almost the same across android devices


Oh I don’t have one, but I am friends with some here that have them. I just have saved links for certain common and popular devices. I hope it helps you.

Please someone, walk me step by step on how to download wallpaper for Nvidia shield TV pro! I’ve tried multiple times and it doesn’t work; none of the links work.

Not aware of any wallpaper for Nvidia (Android TV). Thousands of wallpapers are available IF you install and use an alternative launcher such as Wolf Launcher. See Troy’s videos as well as many YouTube instruction videos, i.e. search for wallpaper for Wolf Launcher.

Probably should keep the same topics together.

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