VPVanish is it necessary?

Do I really need this on my fire stick? It seems to slow my WiFi feed.

A VPN is a must imho. A good one. Troy has many reviews and suggestions. Use the search and read read read. All the answers can be found.


All VPNs will slow your speed down…just the nature of the beast with encryption & server routing…experimenting with the VPN protocols will show you which one slows you down the least…or if you have an auto feature that can also be used…and playing around with different servers makes a difference with speed also. What are your speeds with & without your VPN?

A VPN is a must unless you want to get letters from your ISP passed from the companies that produced anything you steam. So many streams are torrent based now and you IP is clear and present.
It depends where you are if anything will really happen, but they love to threaten you and ask that you contact them. Don’t ever do that. As suggested read a bit and you will have a number of protocols to choose from and of course servers. There will be many that are very fast for these needs.


You won’t get those letters if you use syncler kodi or anything that intergrates with real debrid due to https and server encryption.

But you should use one.

Stremio and direct torrent download is a vpn must. Vpns aren’t necessary, but you should use one this day and age.


If you plan to stream from other sources than the paid ones then use a vpn.


Yes and absolutely. I actually said just that.

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Yes, I didn’t mean to be rude just adding some info. You are correct.

Thank you and I never took it that way. Any information is always welcome.

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