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It makes me laugh when I see reviews and ranking for VPNs. If you are using VPNs from outside the U.S., many will not work on U.S. streaming apps. I am from Canada and Peacock app on my BuzzTV X5 android TV box will not work using IP Vanish, NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN and Getflix. Starting few days ago, Hulu stop working with those VPNs. It says that I am using a VPN. It is frustrating. Testing should be done by people outside the U.S. i have used several U.S. servers from those VPNs and got refunded. I am currently using NordVPN. Any suggestions?

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And i laugh when i read these comments because absolutely no one seems to understand geo restrictions. These US ONLY paid apps only work in USA areas. Using a vpn in Canada to a us server sometimes they work sometimes they dont. These restrictions are getting harder and harder to bypass on these paid us apps. You wont be guaranteed that these apps will work in non US country’s.

I’m watching peacock right now in Canada on my x5 but using ExpressVPN. Tried many different versions none worked except this one downloader code 2119 this should give you version 1.5.38 good luck.

I agree with your comments but what do you think people buy a VPN for? I would not require or waste my money for a VPN if all streaming apps were working in Canada.

To scramble your IP to protect you from the copyright cops.


Many reasons, mainly to encrypt their data so isps and other entitys cant track or record there internet activity. Geo restrictions are getting tougher so if you’re in canada it will be harder to bypass paid apps. So if your comment was people buy vpns just for that then you are wrong.

Encryption to your data and privacy.

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And to scramble your IP to protect you from the copyright cops.

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AJS1 and moderator. All streaming apps that I use are paid for - Discovery, Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video which are available in Canada. When I watch them, I don’t use the VPN. Like a majority of people in this world, I have nothing to hide when I use the internet, no need for me to use a VPN. Almost all my friends don’t use a VPN. I use on my computer anti-virus/malware etc app. No VPN on my computer.

I buy a VPN to watch for example Paramount+ bundled with Showtime which works for now. As mentioned, Hulu stopped working with a VPN. When Paramount stops workingvfor me, I will have no use for a VPN.

If I would be downloading torrents and illegal materials, I would then use a VPN but I dont download that stuff.

It would be interested to have a survey for the main reason people use a VPN.


There is a whole lot of talk on here if you search the fourms. Lots of info for vpn usage.

If you have all that paid stuff then and not concerned then dont worry about a vpn. Your trying to use a vpn for geo unblocking us content with paid apps. That ether works or it doesn’t. They now tie it to your subscription, meaning if you use candian credit card you looking for us content it wont work. You will have to start looking into dns proxy changing but that may not work. So with those paid apps in the us id say get yourself a real debrid vpn and streaming app and use that instead of paying heaps of money to those big tech guys.

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Do you mean something like Syncler?

Im sorry I ment to scramble your IP to protect you from the geo restriction cops. :sunglasses:

I thought that a VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN would scramble the IP? I am bit confused.

They probably don’t know who you are, they just recognize you’re using a vpn.

How can scramble my IP?

Without a vpn, thats over my head. Dracoo, TxRon, Miki are knowledgeable in this area.

I use NordVPN which is a VPN. Is the main purpose of a VPN is to scramble your IP? If yes, How do streaming apps such as Hulu can know that you are not from the US if you are using one of their US servers.

Through technology they recognize IP addresses that are coming from VPN servers. They may not know which country you’re from but they know it’s coming from a vpn… two things number one we cannot discuss copyrighted material on this website. Your next question would be how to bypass this type of. Geographic restriction by a streaming service. I’ve researched the internet and there is some individuals that have indicated they can bypass this type of system.

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Vpns mask your ip yes. But these paid apps have detections built in, so they know a vpn is being used. Some allow it some dont. These paid services also log ip address.

They lock you in the country you paid in so when you try to change that with a vpn it gets detected. Its to block you from accessing content not available to you. Its absolutely a rip off and not right.

To bypass these certain restrictions and geo locks isnt as easy as it used to be. You would need to start using proxies browsers and dns scrambling. But at the end of the day if you paid with a Canadian form of payment your locked in the country.

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