VPN speed comparison IPVanish & Surfshark

I finally used @TROYPOINT discount and got IPVanishVPN. Knock on wood so far it seems stable but the speeds aren’t the best. I tested the Ashburn Server for both IPVanish and Surfshark. My IPVanish numbers are 58 down and 23 up. Surfshark is 200 down and 21 up. These were both LAN and tested using Analiti

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Hello @Streaming429 have you tried changing protocols in IPVanish settings? I’m getting 150 dl using OpenVPN (TCP). All other protocols yield approximately 60. Keep in mind that even with 58 you can still easily stream 4K. Having an additional 140 isn’t going to do anything extra for you unless you are downloading…maybe you are. BTW thanks for being a Patron!


I played with it for a couple days changing everything I could think of. Granted I understand that there may be more of a load on a particular server at one time than the other as I’m testing, but I exhausted all possibilities. I tried like hell. I’m not a Downloader, so you’re right…it wouldn’t make any difference.