VPN Shutting down after connecting to a movie link in the Crew addon?

Having a issue using the Crew addon after connecting to a movie link. During playback the Vpn disconnects and of course I then have a flashing red box indicating this. Using Diggz Xenon, RD, IpVanish, Kodi 20.1. Wondering if a incompatibility problem from not installing a compatible 20.1 Crew skin from The Crew’s wizard?

I am having the same problem

I was having the same problem of dropping and I was not using a Kodi I feel it is the problem with IP Vanish?

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If several people have the same issue, I’ll bet this is on IPVanish’s side. Hope they get it sorted out quickly.

I had the same thought about a IpVanish issue. But so far The Crew addon is the only one affected that I’ve found. I probably will have to install one of the Kodi 20.1 compatible front end skins.

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Deleted IPVanish and reinstalled now working properly

Tried that and it didn’t work. I’m finding other addons are behaving badly within Diggz Xenon Matrix v9.5. The Crew is popping up every time I start Kodi v20.1 saying no current build present in a window. I hit dismiss and then get a Crew Wizard box, then a box for build menus or ignor. So is The Crew team now taking over Diggz Xenon Matrix build with its own Kodi 20.1 compatible front end skin?

That’s interesting to find out from you. It may be a IpVanish issue. I uninstalled IpVanish and reinstalled it with no change. Unbeknownst to me, I found that IpVanish has a server hub in Detroit that must be somewhat new while reconfiguring its settings.

My VPN (IPVanish) is shutting down when I use the Stremio install of xxx.local . Could it be something else doing this besides yet another IPVanish problem? Can my cable company be turning off the VPN because it seems to turn off when I watch one of their channels. I was just testing that xxx.local addon top see what it did.

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The disconnection problem seems to point towards IpVanish although something else could be triggering the issues we’re having.

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