Vpn services with kill switch

Looking for a list of vpn services that offer a kill switch on firestick/ shield. I know surfshark is one. Not sure why having a Killswitch is so uncommon. Just trying to explore options before my sub is up. Thanks ahead of time

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Tom Sparks has a breakdown of services you may find informative. I’ve used AirVPN for years, but that’s only my preference.


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Read up on troypoints reviews. Surfshark is good

I have been using IPV for the last two years. My subscription is up July 16 and I already purchased SS so I can test it before I lose IPV. The biggest reason I got it was because of the Kill switch on the Firestick. Seeing the dot go red does not make me happy and often too late. I have both to test speeds etc and to ensure my main apps work before I am commuted after the 30 day trial.

There are a number of features mentioned in the TP review that are either inherent or don’t seem to exist anymore. Camouflage being just one. There is no switch for Lan on the Firestick app and might also be inherent. IPV had this, the pc app, does.

I don’t have any problems with surfshark it has been good to me. Just was looking into all options. I found too many providers that advertise a kill switch but it ending up being PC only or rely on Android phones always on vpn. I could go with a router, but my isp provides a plume system for free with my service. It kind of feels like a waste to spend the cash on a router and leaving the plume system sit.

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Wizzard ! keep us updated on wich VPN you like best .

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I will keep you posted. Our internet Canada wide including tv, home phone and cell was out 24 hours. There will be hell to pay as so many millions of people including govt. hospitals, banks, debit machines and so much more were affected, some still are. My testing will restart.

One of the things I notice is that the SS even when not turned on in the PC version (as mine is) still runs in the background and as such uses up resources and slows down the pc (An older laptop) IPV didn’t do that but still, the Kill switch on the Firestick does seem to work and that’s really important. I have one more week to test, well a bit before so I can cancel my IPV subscription. I trust they won’t have a problem as if they do, I call my CC company and have the charge reversed.

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IPV will ask you to send them a copy of your last payment before they cancel your sub . That’s what I had to do . I went through hell before I got my sub canceled an $$ refund back .

My payment was CC one year ago. That won’t happen. It’s irrelevant as well. They will kill it or my CC company will for a illegitimate charge. I will not be jumping through their hoops. I think that is the best way to handle this.

I just cancelled it online. My account now say’s cancelled but we will see what happens in one week.

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I use both Surfshark & Express. Both kill switches have worked while using

NordVPN has a kill switch if disconnected from the VPN and a per-app kill switch as well. All I know about personally.

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I have Nord through a special deal when I bought MS Office and have yet to find the kill switch in Android TV OS

… it doesn’t have one. I’ve got one of them dots to notify me.

I canceled IPV online. It wasn’t too bad. Just had to pay attention and get through the various “are you sure?” screens to the end screen. It did seem after going with surfshark and deleting IPV, that there were, I suspect, some IPV remnants that messed with SS for a week. I got the “another VPN detected” screen a bunch of times before that went away on it’s own (after about a week). Like SS so far.