VPN Safety Dot Decreasing Download Speed

I just installed SURF SHARK . Everything seems to work perfectly . BUT … When I connect the VPN SAFETY DOT . It cuts my internet download speed in half . I;m using the kill switch with Surf Shark which is a great tool , but it would be nice to be able to see the protection also without cutting down my internet Download Speed

That’s very odd. I have the vpn safety dot and installed Surf Shark about an hour ago. Download speed 88 and using dual servers it drops a bit to 55. Safety dot on or off makes no difference on my 4k Max. Good speeds. What device are you using? Oh and what version of Safety Dot do you have?

The safety dot has no interaction with the stream it only monitors to see if its there or not.

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using 1.9.2 of safety dot with it on I get 91Mbps off I’ ve had as high as 250 , Last checked it was 131… . but also get a big range on FS 4K . I am using a NVIDIA PRO . I’ll keep a check on it . The kill switch does work though i just checked that . Guess I’ll just go with that for now unless I find something else Surf Shark said something about a visable Key but I haven’t seen/found that .

I just updated the Safety Dot still a little difference but that took care of most of what was happening . I thought I had the latest version evidently not . getting 200 off and 251 with it on . I know with those speeds on Shield pro doesn’t matter much , but on the FS it was a difference of 30 on and 90 off EFM

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I’ll be honest, it isn’t something that I ever considered. I did test my system just now for the heck of it, with and without the safety dot on, and my readings were consistent as if the Safety dot didn’t have any affect. I assumed this to be true, but wanted to verify it in my system. There has to be something else going on that would cause this discrepency.


I think when you refer to the safety dot you are actually refering to the vpn and yes a vpn will cut your signal in half.

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Yea the vpn is doing it not the dot, the dot is just a check.


If I remember correctly, you used to have Proton VPN and you were getting at least 80 Mbps down with VPN on???
Surf Shark is giving you 55 Mbps down ???
Interested to know why did you switch?


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SurfShark is giving me 85Mbps down, the 55 was when I added a “dual server” location. This just ads an extra hop and another layer of security. So I go from Mex, to Can, to US, then to my destination.
I switched to SS for the unlimited devices, dual server and of course the kill switch, not to mention just $88 for 39 months. Also Proton has failed to implement any of the suggestions to improve their VPN settings access on a streaming device. No auto connect, no killswitch, in fact not any of the higher functions. Proton busted their butts at first to help me out, but all they did was give BS promises, and no advancements. After the first 3 months they completely stopped any improvements in their products on Streaming devices.

Off topic a little but when using a vpn duel server isnt needed. It just slows you down. My suggestion @Miki is to use tor, it has a proxy server that bounces your ip threw 3 to 4 different gateways before looping back to you.

I understand the extra protection, but its not needed for streaming. But personal preference tho i get it.

Oh no, I didn’t even know it had this feature until I started going through all the settings. I would never use it for streaming and I have Tor. I just mentioned it as someone mentioned my speed was 55 down and the dual server was why. But thank you as always Dracoo for your input.

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