VPN Routers any recommendations?

Merry Yuletide to all in the year 2023!

As the dawn of a new year approaches and we, united in the realm of the United Kingdom, grapple with the lamentable deterioration of certain streaming services, I contemplate the acquisition of a VPN Router. This endeavor is driven not only by the desire for an enhanced virtual private network, but also by the prospect of ameliorating the speed and range within our abode, attributable to the feebleness of our current (virgin media) router/modem.

Pray, might anyone proffer their esteemed recommendations?


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Thank you.

However, upon perusing the options for ordering, it appears that they are currently out of stock. I shall delve deeper into the troypoints website in search of viable alternatives.

The link I gave you has 14 pages of info. look at the dates and focus on the 2023 ones.

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