VPN Privacy dot

I was about to download and install VPN privacy dot when I saw the following at the bottom of the page:

“In the next version of VPN Privacy Dot there will be a Video Ad”

I understand the need to support independent programmers and I don’t mind donating at the website (or even through Troypoint, if possible) but I DON’T want any more ads when I’m trying to watch something on my TV. I guess I won’t be using VPN privacy dot.

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The one currently working is excellent and does not have ads yet. It has more functionality than the original did actually.


I just put on TV and no ads so far. Only has a blink set up no solid green or red.

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Switched to VPN monitor dot instead. It’s plain and does not have any extras to it. Plus the discussion about possible viral activity within privacy dot scared me off.

I use privacy dot and ran 3 virus and malware svans. No problems at all. Not sure where this virus thought started but my app is clean and I like it’s configurable options better than any other similar apps.

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Am not sure about this but supposedly one of the VPN providers detects the activity. Read on other discussions.

Ahhh. Ya I read that. It wasn’t about any virus it was about the app overlay tripping a warning.

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I still use the original free version of the VPN Safety Dot and everything it did before still works. After all, it is just a monitor to let you know that your vpn is on or off. So, the vpn safety dot does just that and that is all I need it for.

Btw, I only stayed with this app because it offered a way to make the dot icon into something else. Yeah, I know it is lame, but hey it satisfies my OCD issue! lol

Oh heck don’t apologize PF, there are a bunch of us that appreciate and enjoy your graphic modifications. I’m jealous.

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