VPN or PROXY server detected, not able to continue without disabling them

I have noticed over the last few days when trying to visit websites that I get a notification saying I am using a VPN or proxy. To continue I have to turn it off. I’d rather not browse some of these sites without my VPN on. Is there a way around this and why am I seeing it more and more?

Because vpns are legal, and are not going away… so instead make the website setect the vpn and block access.

This is becoming a problem with big tech trying to censor you and control your internet. This is worse with google. Try a different browser.

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Will do…thanks for the input… it’s a shame because you try to browse safely. These are sites I’ve been to many times and now this starts popping up.

If you have the vpn on a router you can sometimes go around this block by changing the dns server.


Try using the tor browser.

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Tor seems to have helped on many sites. Thank you…

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