VPN on Firestick in the UK

Do I need to be using VPN on my Firestick if I’m in the UK, any for or against reasons if I’m streaming using CinemaHD without it?

If you are using Cinema anywhere you should be using a VPN.

Buy why is this required?

It is highly unlikely that Cinema is legal.

I know this, but why do I need a VPN in the UK as I don’t know of any legal cases, although I stand to be corrected.

There are a number of good reasons to secure your network using a vpn. The info sent and received from your device contain unique identifiers and things like mac addresses. A vpn encrypts this with say 256 bit AES. What that means is that for every letter or symbol you type or enter one of 256 different characters is substituted. This makes it all but impossible for trolls, scammers, and thieves to steal your info and hacking into your accounts, it also makes it impossible for anyone, well almost anyone, from knowing where you are and what you’re doing. It’s called privacy and security.

Well you could try running Cinema without a VPN and risk being one of the first to be prosecuted come the day when the authorities decide to take action. It is up to you to evaluate the potential risk.

I don’t know who your internet provider is but I’m betting they’d prefer to charge you for the movies you watch on Cinema HD free of charge ?

That’s without the throttling if you watch Sports etc on Kodi or iptv for example .

Then there is the security aspect like the others have mentioned.

In the UK , my friend , a VPN is a must have.

I have been using a VPN, I was toying with the idea of whether I need to renew it, after reading the responses here, I will.
Thanks for your input.

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