VPN on a Router

Looking for a little advice please.

I have the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 (Router only) that services 24 peripharals and I am considering
a VPN service and wonder if I should install it on the router or install only on each PC’s, Laptop’s, Pad’s, Cell phone’s… and WiFi for Security Cam, Video picture gallery, etc.
Can I assume that If the VPN is installed only on the router each user still has the option to access,
or not, the VPN via a toolbar icon on their individual devices ?

Thanks for any input.

If you can put it on the router in my opinion is the best option. Then you can choose for each device.

Yeah but having it imbedded in your router, what happens if you do your Banking and and other stuff like Amazon and PayPal …so If you pick a US server and you live in Canada or any other countries it will raise red flags it be a pain all the time to login you Router Admin panel to disable it each time you have to do something like Banking but I just use VPN on what ever device I need

I have the same router setup with a VPN with Merlin firmware. Choosing what devices use the VPN or not is done via router settings not a toolbar on the devices. Not sure how tech savvy you are but I do recommend some know how to setup a VPN router. Checking for DNS leaks, properly installing the config files, etc

Hi, thanks for the comment, I think I would prefer to put the VPN on the router, I will wait for more comments just for now…thanks again.

Thanks for getting back to me, I cant claim to be tech savvy, I shoul because I have been
online since 1975 when download speeds had just be up graded from 9Baud to 28Baud
and a meg down took abou 40 minutes .
You make a good point with DNS etc, and you have given me a heads up, so my thanks

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Hi, yes I had just what you said in my mind, however as long as the VPN can be disabled
easily enough to allow banking etc it may be ok.

Thanks for your input

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How to set up a router with Surfshark? – Surfshark Customer Support

This is why I don’t do it: “By setting up the VPN on your router, you will lose access to most of the Surfshark features available on the apps.”


I am not sure, but I read somewhere on here that a vpn can cause issues with those “Ring” and other home security devices when trying to access them via wi-fi.

My personal preference is to keep my vpn autonomous to my router. I like having the control to use or not use as I see a need to do so.


I mean don’t get me wrong. Not trying to discourage you from it. Myself as well as others on here are always willing to help. It works for me well because I have others in the house that have no idea how to use anything as far as tech goes. I’m able to control things myself using the router so I don’t have to try to teach everyone else about it. Also I dont really use any of the other features of a VPN app, so it works for me. There is definitely pros and cons either way you go. Let us know what you decide to do.

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I agree with @Powerfader, with that many devices hooked up to wifi you will encounter several issues. Just use a vpn on unverified apps and sources. Put the vpn on things so you can control it.

Asus routers are great with a vpn client(or host). You can simply route traffic where you want via vpn or not vpn. On top of that you can run up to 10 vpn servers at once( I currently run 6) And send devices to servers where eventually you will find perform better. I currently have about 30 devices in my home on the router and about 20 of those run thru the various vpn’s and protocols.


I agree, but it’s not for someone without a little more than basic understanding of the router . Not for the technology challenged🥴

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This is when you invite a 5th grader over for lunch and ask him if he knows anything about routers :rofl: :joy: :grimacing: :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: :woozy_face:


That’s it those whippersnappers know their stuff :grin::hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_monocle:

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I have my shurf shark on my Asus rt-ax86u with Merlin firmware and like Ron said you can choose what you want where . I haven’t had any problems so far also have the app on my phone for the router/Merlin firmware for easy access :+1::grin: love my Asus router/Merlin


My sincere thanks to all of you that responded to my queery ''VPN on Router".

I am about to commence transitioning from Foxtel Sat TV (after 20 years) and have
purchased three of the new Amazon Cube TV systems for the household, so I think
I will go the route of a VPN on each individual, which gives them the ON or OFF at
their leisure, once we are au fai with that I may consider trying yhe Router way??.

Again my sincere thanks to all that responded and I can see myself asking the community
more questions in the future.


And only one connection right? LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In your article, you stated “We suggest installing and using Surfshark VPN with the built-in CleanWeb feature to protect your data.”

For those who have Surfshark installed on their router, is there a way to use that CleanWeb feature since you don’t have the menu options you have when using the Surfshark app by itself?