VPN Killswitch Workaround

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I did a search and found a few old posts while looking for something else and noticed the complaints about VPNSafetyDot and VPN’s not having working killswitches (all VPN’s should have a reliable one or what good are they?) and I’d like to offer a possible workaround for some.

I use NordVPN (got a 3 year deal for $99, never had any issues when it was running) and was noticing that 1. VPNSafetyDot has a habit of disabling itself, and 2. If you use split tunneling (assuming the VPN supports it, NordVPN does) and exempt an app, VPNSafetyDot still shows the connection as protected.

So what do you do to ensure you’re always protected? Remove the control/monitoring from FireTV.


Install a router that has a built-in VPN killswitch and install/configure your VPN on the router rather than from within FireOS itself.

I used this one.

Awesome travel router, VPN and killswitch support built in and it didn’t break the bank.

Now I no longer need the VPN or VPN SafetyDot on my FireStick 4k and I don’t have to worry about unprotected connections :slight_smile:



I use Surfshark and use the kill switch. It has always worked for me.


I also found the safety dot very un-reliable. I had it set up on a remote tv and it would show protected and when I checked the vpn was off and the kill switch didnt kill anything. Since I needed protection and couldnt always be at that location to monitor it I removed the safety dot and put everything through my router. Problem solved.


Does Eero 6 Dual Mesh router have VPN support? I have NordVPN and have no idea how to install it on that router.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings RobHood41 :slight_smile:

It seems it does not support third party VPN’s but does offer built-in Encrypt dot me support.

Does Eero provide VPN support?

Unfortunately it seems like you’ll need another device in front of your Eero if you want to use your own VPN. As mentioned I’m also using NordVPN.

Check my original post in this thread for a link to the (travel) router I use (VPN support built in).


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Good advice. Only thing I would add is don’t go too cheap as an underpowered router can seriously degrade your speeds. I finally settled on an Asus rt-ac86u (about $180 US) and see no loss in download speeds after trying several other less powerful routers.


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