VPN Keeps Disconnecting on Kodi

I have surfshark and it works pretty well on all my devices except one firestick (3rd gen). Every time I launch Kodi or begin to stream from a torrent, it keeps disconnecting all the time without fail. Is it a faulty firestick software or something else? My 4k max runs smoothly for weeks on end and it’s on a 2.4 ghz channel while the other problematic firestick is on a 5 ghz channel. I’ve contacted Surfshark for help and they tell me to try other countries’ servers which I’ve already been doing. I got xfinity internet using their gateway opposed to my own. I’ve tried changing the gateway address but I’m unable to reach the inner mechanisms to do it. Can anyone suggest a fix I haven’t tried?

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What happens if you play the same stream on the other firesticks with the VPN?
I have Surfshark and it works perfectly every time for me…

They work fine. Though, I think I may have solved by turning off the router innate security feature while also changing the DHCP and the reserved ip address. Streaming is still a bit wonky but I’m seeing improvements on Surshark’s end. I’ll have to keep testing it for now.

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