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Hi all hope your all ok my question is I am currently in spain on holiday took my firstik put on my vpn on Uk tried to get itv hub it loads up but then says error please try later same as iPlayer cleared my cache it seems to know that I am using my surfshark vpn is there away around this thanks for time .Mickey.

UK players location settings are ‘locked’ in when you register via your postcode. So when you try to view content within the App from a new location, especially a different country, it will not work. Even a VPN cant help in this situation.


Thanks for that so no way around it . Cheers for the reply.


Try to register with a different postal from uk or try geo unblocking but must of that stuff may not work as they really locked it down.

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Hi all but there’s a way to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad of the UK as long as you use VPN and connect to UK server, this will also uses UK IP address as well.

This have been tested according to UK users abroad and it works as long you use UK VPN provider.

This also have been tested with NordVpn in the US, Spain, and other countries all-round the world as long you follow the steps provided in link below, and it works as well.



Yes, switching to the countries server would definitely be helpful, i was under the impression it was geo locked which is harder to bypass.

If not then a uk server should be fine


Yes absolutely right, and as you mentioned in earlier post try to register to a different postal in the UK is very important.

@KingPro Also correct as mentioned to UK players location settings are ‘locked’ in when you register via your postcode.

But mostly succeeded connections from abroad the UK by not using the same account created in the UK

@Motownmickey from eg: Spain clearing the browse cache “Also using other browser than google chrome could help” Connect VPN to UK server, then in your browser go to bbc.co.uk website and create new account and use a different address “your fantasy” then complete the steps according to your device as mentioned in the link above.

Other users connected the same way as mentioned in the link, some of them has difficulty to connect due to the VPN provider with log policy’s, other they have to change the google browser and used Opera as an alternative.:+1:

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