VPN (ipvanish) shuts down with Stremio addon)

My VPN (ipvanish) shuts down when using the Stremio addon ( xxx.local ). It seems to turn off my vpn when I’m accessing one of my Cable companies stations in the xxx.local addon but I haven’t tested it long enough to see if it will do it on other stations.

If you have Discord I can PM you their server link. Then maybe ask there.


Once upon a time I had Discord but discontinued it. Someone had sent me a link to automatically sign up but I couldn’t tell you how I did it.

PM? Not sure what PM is but sure go ahead if I can do it.

You can download and install it from the playstore I believe. Amazon app store also may have the install. If not, there are tons of app stores that have it.

Thank You… I saw where a Kodi addon is also doing the same thing. I wouldn’t doubt if it’s an ipvanish problem. Seems like they’ve been trying to compete with SurfShark and have been frantically updating their app…grrrr. Have you tried the ( xxx.local ) app on Stremio? If I can get it to quit turning off my vpn, it’ll be great. I tried to cancel ipvanish but they did everything in their power to not let me…grrr. I paid for 2 yrs. and have 11 months to go.

As an experiment, I would install a free VPN. and then shut off IPV and use the free one and see if it works. I’ve been reading up on issues with IPV and actually saw where someone put in a complaint and the customer service dept. sent back a msg saying they hadn’t actually tested out their latest update on every platform, so they weren’t surprised.

That was probably me… lol. What VP
N do u use?

I use ProtonVPN but it’s not very streamer friendly. On the Shield, Max, ONN and KM2 you don’t have access to all options unfortunately.

I think I’m just going to eat the remainder of IPV and install SurfShark. I’ve had enough…only thing is I can’t complain to anyone for a refund because of the type of service it is…lol.

I installed Discord so what do I do next?

PM me your email and I’ll send you the address.

At the risk of sounding “uninformed” lol what is PM?

Are these apps? I’m not very informed when it comes to the Firestick world. I load what I need and leave the rest until I’m forced to discover something else. So what is probably common knowledge to experienced “stickers”, doesn’t necessarily ring a bell to me. (yet) I’ll get there from here but until then, please put up with me.

Those are all streaming devices. PM is Personal Message. Click my icon then click message.

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