VPN installation via Xbox series X or BT smart hub 2

Hi there Troypoint,

Hello there everyone. This is my first Post and I’m seriously getting stressed with the following problem that I’m having at present.

I’m looking for some assistance or advice on how and which VPN I should be using to help me with protecting my I.P. address via my BT smart hub 2 to cover all my devices in one foul swoop. I have an Xbox series X console that has Kodi already installed onto it, but unfortunately as things currently stand I cannot update my Diggz / Chef Wizard build because my console keeps on failing to update any of it even though I currently have Kodi 19.4 on it. My plan was to use my security suite with VPN from McAfee, but because of the fact that I’m autistic & I get frustrated quite easily I’m finding the whole set up process, as well as trying to get my head around it all incredibly aggravating to say the least!. Therefore I would appreciate, if someone would be kind enough to help with some information or instructions as to how to apply my McAfee security suite or another well rounded VPN application onto either my BT smart hub 2 or onto my Xbox series X.

Obviously with the Xbox series X console the VPN apps are pretty limited and quite slow, which is why I’d like some assistance from anyone who has a lot more experience with all of this type of thing than I do. :grimacing::thinking::weary:

I can only reply to the updating Kodi 19.4 part. When I installed Kodi 19.4 and the addons, a warning flashed on the screen that told me no auto updates would happen and that I needed to manually update these on my own. That could be part of the problem with the Diggs build not updating. You might have to do that manually. I cannot advise on the VPN to cover all products at once. I do use a VPN but have installed it separately on every device I use it on. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I am sure others will chime in with a solution.