VPN for Xfinity stream

Can one use a VPN to access Xfinity stream away from the home wifi?

Wondering if there was a separate thread with answer.

If you are looking for an answer, it is yes. However, I do not use a VPN when streaming Xfinity Stream. I am not sure it is necessary.

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no need for a vpn with xfinity tv services.

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When I use xfinity away from my home wifi it gives me an error message on some stations (nfl games for example) that I must be connected to home wifi to watch. Looking to see how I could enable another location to seem as if I’m at home. Have vacation home where I have wifi but would like to not pay for tv service again.

Why not contact Xfinity and tell them what you described above? Since you are paying for their service, I don’t think it would be a big deal to ask them directly. There could be some kind of VPN trick to fool it into thinking you are “home”, but seems unlikely.

Did contact them and they say it is due to network/league rules. I was seeing if there was a way to ‘ghost’ the MAC address or whatever drives the app to know where it is.