Vpn feature - surf shark / IPVanish

Been reading about surf shark and the auto kill switch and was wondering if IPVanish has the same feature and is the kill switch better on the surf shark?

speaking of vpn’s…Troypoint just through down a great shark promo in todays newsletter.

I cant speak for ipvanish but just wanted to point out they both do the same thing.

IPVanish doesn’t (at least that I know of yet) have the kill switch for Android/FireTV devices. This is one of the reasons why SS jumped IPVanish in his rankings.

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IP vanish VPN no kill switch.

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If you go into settings on IPVanish there’s an option that says “Enable OS kill switch” isn’t that the same ?

What device are you using?

Thats new. post needs 20 letters!!!

IpVanish does have the kill switch option on the mobile phone version. On android such as the Nvidia Shield Pro there is no kill switch but instead a vpn monitor indicator option.

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Hey, the shield pro has a female HDMI port?

Can you post her number for me?

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Never mind I was too used to that damn fire stick having a different plugin.

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1-800- Meloveulongtime

But I ain’t got no $5 dolla…!

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