VPN and Port Forwarding

IPVanish does not allow Port Forwarding. Does SurfShark VPN allow for the Option of Port Forwarding? I would like to use this with Deluge.

This is a quote from their site.

Surfshark VPN does not support port forwarding.
This decision was made with your security in mind. Opening a port means creating a hole in your cybersecurity that would allow access to your devices. Outside of that, there’s a possibility of other vulnerabilities being discovered.


There is a VPN that does support Port Forwarding but I can’t recall which one it is. A quick lookup of all the popular VPN’s will answer that question. I inquired about it myself a few years ago thinking about a particular site that would allow me to see back, a very private site. Sadly, it won’t happen and I seldom use it anymore anyway.

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Best option is tailscale. Its free up to I believe 20 devices. Easiest networking evah…but you need to read up on it and maybe watch a few vids. You will be blown away at what it can do.
Tailscale · Best VPN Service for Secure Networks


Wow and TNX: I did not know of this vulnerability.

TNX for the reply and comment.

TNX to you for this info. I will put this in my batch of Things TODO Files.

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