Voice search in TiviMate on Firestick

Hi all, how do you enable voice search in TiviMate on a firestick? I can do it on my Nvidia Shield no problem but on the firestick it pops the keyboard and when you press the mic button on the remote it’s doing a search on the firestick not TiviMate!!??

I have a 4k Max. I open the side menu in TiVimate and click the magnifying glass. This opens the keyboard. I then hold down the mic button on my remote and then say what channel I’m looking for and my choices are displayed. No problem for me. I even say golf or news and multiple choices are displayed for me.

For a reason I don’t know it doesn’t work for me! :slightly_frowning_face:

I do the same as Miki. The trick I found is when you talk DO NOT press the mic button on the remote.

Ya lost me. Don’t press the mic button? How does it voice search then? Just for clarity I press and HOLD DOWN my mic button.

:rofl:… not for me. If I hold the mic button it opens google to search. If I dont it searches within tivimate.

Is that on a 4K Max firestick?

It works like that on a last gen firestick, mecool box and shield. I do not have a 4k firestick.

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Copy that…when I click on the search icon with my mecool/tivi…it automatically opens the voice & I get the “listening” warble. When I do the same thing on my 2nd gen firestick, I get the basic letter input box.


How very odd. It doesn’t do that on my 2018 1st gen 4K or my new 4K Max. I wonder why? Oh well, another one for the old crystal ball.

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