Vizo 50' smarttv

I had a Vizo 47" for at least 8 years (it died yesterday). I went and got a new one, a 50’ smart TV and when I got it home, I freaked out. One, it is totally covered with several pages of bloatware that will never be used, and no way to dump it. Is there a launcher that works like Wolf on my MeCool for smart TVs?

Do you prefer to use the TV OS, or can you just put the launcher on your streaming device?

MeCool has the wolf launcher on it. I want all the bloat to go off the TV. If a launcher will work on it then every time I turn on my TV I will only see my MeCool connect.

I go through my Shield Pro. So, I have never used my Samsung’s UI. They are all filled with bloatware including all devices, too.

I have my Tivimate to auto boot to last channel viewed when I power on. So, I click the power button and a channel immediately starts playing. This way I bypass all bloatware.

The only reason I go to my Home or App page is to boot up Stremio or Syncler+. I even bypass the Shield UI when I need to access settings.

In fact, I can go all day long without ever leaving the Tivimate app. Got Live, VOD, Movies and TV Shows, and 24/7 binge watching capabilities all contained within the Tivimate app.

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That is kind of where my question was heading. I don’t know if it is possible to use a custom launcher on a TV OS, my guess is no. But even if you could, I guess I’m not sure what advantage it would give you to boot to that when all of your apps are on the Mecool? All of my TVs have devices with custom launchers and all my streaming apps. The TV boots to that device and I hardly ever if at all go off of that input, so in essence, that seems to be exactly what the OP is looking for. Unless he has a reason to use the TV OS and wants the apps on that, but from my knowledge they are more restrictive and less suited than a powerful device in the streaming game.