VIX Latino IPTV/VOD m3u?

This may be a long shot, but VIX is a relatively new free IPTV and VOD service for latino orginal and dubbed content.

I primarily use tivimate for all my IPTV needs and have a mix of paid and free playlists in there. Much like how I already have Pluto TV and Stirr imported into my tivimate via direc m3u playlists, I’m wondering if anyone has come across a similar setup for VIX. Particularly if it could pull the VOD movies/tv shows that tivimate could recognize, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.

You can go to ViX: Cine y TV en español or just in your silk browser on a Firestick and stream free content til the cows come home. Don’t need it in a playlist but I’ll keep looking in case I find one.

Not to be rude, but obviously.

I’m looking for a solution to the challenge I presented. I’m aware I can access via a browser, though their app would be better, yet neither has a decent interface and the video player they use sucks.

A m3u playlist with the customization and familiarity of tivimate is always the way to go when possible.

Lol. Ok. To begin I apologize if I offended you by trying to help. I do not know you or your level of experience. If you’ve tried both the app and the browser, then search the internet for a Vix m3u. Good luck.


You will have to go threw a paid provider for that level of content and playlist. Very doubtful there is a free one out there that works as you want it too.

How do you mean? VIX is a free service offering their streams and VOD via all platforms, just like Pluto, Samsung TV, Stirr, Plex, etc. And just like all the alternatives I mentioned, they’ve all been converted into m3u streams that I’ve successfully added to tivimate with epgs for free.


If you have all that and if this vix works like how you mentioned then what is the issue? Im not at all trying to be rude here but if you want those vod and tv shows in a vod style with the above content its probably going to be a paid service. Someone would have to upload all those tvs and shows and make them into a playlist to use on tivimate which i dont see happening, however there veey well could be something out there.

If you know what you are looking for then i would suggest the following:

Paid iptv provider that specializes in other country’s content.

At present in all the playlist suppliers I use, noone has yet made a playlist. May well be someone who has a playlist ripper could make an m3u for you, hopefully with a working xml, but I don’t see one yet.

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  • I see them mentioned here in the international catagory

Why have Pluto TV in tivimate if Pluto TV works as-is? In part, because we can. In part, because I like to have everything together under one house and I can push tivimate recover files to my friends and family so it’s easy to setup for them in one go. In part, because tivimate has the best layout and customizable player.

Like all the other streaming services I’ve mentioned, they work fine in their respective apps/sites, yet there are plenty of threads here pointing to m3u-ized versions of the same thing for the flexibility.

With an m3u file, I can edit the playlist to my liking, rename things, mute what I don’t want, etc. From there, I’m not limited by the crappy webplayer that the native Vix app uses. I’m able to add my own subtitles.

The reasons for doing this are endless, but this off the top of my head. I already have a 7k+ channel paid iptv service, I’ve manually edited nearly every iptv channel here to my liking, and I have access to both an Emby server with nearly everything in English and a Plex server with a decent amount in Spanish.

What VIX is particularly excelling at is providing subtitles in Spanish for original language Spanish content on their streams and VOD. If you’ve ever messed around with Spanish content, you’ll notice pretty quickly that matching subs are next to impossible. Hell, even Disney can’t get it right on their own officially released materials. Where VIX fails is by having a clunky app with a confusing interface, a poor video player, and no customizations.

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Ya that takes you to the website. They don’t want that or the free App, they want an m3u or m3u8 to add to TiViMate if possible. I only have Redbox/Roku/Samsung/ Samsung+/TCL/Tubi/vizio/Pluto/Stirr/Plex/ Rakuten/Distro/Viva Live TV/ Klowd TV/ Binge TV/ Filmrise TV & Movies Along with about 10,000 channels in various playlists.


Im very well aware of how awesome tivimate is, its a good iptv player.

You can use external players with apps that use their own. A top notch one is just player. Once again it sounds like you have what you need, vix does not seem to have a m3u for you to add to your list. Im aware of spanish subs and how frustrating it is, but i also dont watch anything in spanish lol.

Keep trying, keep looking is my suggestion.

heres a rather large list I found with quite a bit of spanish channels how ever its lumped in with the rest

I find 2 instances Vix and Tudn Vix ??? maybe? dunno

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