Viva TV app doesn't have external player option

The Troypoint post show that you can select an external player. The apk I downloaded from will not give me that option. I didnt see it being removed from the changelog. Is there another vivatv apk that has this feature?

I also used your .io link and there’s quite a bit missing in Viva, including posters. I’m going to hunt for another APK and give it a try.
I installed and tested 4 different APKs and they were all identical and had the same limitations including the modded version.

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I think I’m going to stick with Cinema for now. Beetv is “ok”, HDO tv was a dud IMHO. Can’t use RD or Trakt.

Stremio I’m tellin ya. Once set up you’ll love it. Been around since 2013.

I’ve tried that app and struck out. I wish there was a detailed YT video to show how to setup and get the most out of it.


Make a fake email, sign on, addons top rifht, community addons install torrentio and most movie n tv show addons done enjoy.

Watch that tut for torrentio setup and rd.

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ok, I’ll try it again

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