Viruses in Livenet tv and mouse toggle

I have just run virustotal which has found 2 viruses in Livenet and 1 in mouse toggle. Livenet was reinstalled fresh today but mouse toggle has been there for ages.
When I click on the hamburger some options are displayed but the navigation buttons won’t let me click on one so I can’t get any kind of report. Any ideas?

Are these ad free mods? Modifying an apk to stop ads can and most likely will, cause a false positive. What I do personally is to click on the offending app and see if you can find a name for it and research on line.

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The Livenet app was installed from the Amazon store today, mouse toggle was from Troypoint. I tried clearing the caches just in case they were hiding in there, but to no effect. Obviously other folk are running the virus scan and not finding anything, which is a bit wierd.
I’m not sure what you meant by clicking on them in order to follow up with research on line. Happy to do that if I knew what I was looking for. This dumb-ass needs a pointer in the right direction.

Once you run a scan then you scroll down to any app listed, click on it and your report opens. The name of the offending code will be in red in the list. Write it down and search for it.

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So simple I never thought of it. Thanks Miki I’ll do that, and the research and report beck


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