Viper antivirus

If anyone is interested in downloading vipre it’s not in the play store for Nvidia shield you have to get the apk I used APK pure . I just did it so I will keep anyone interested posted how it goes

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Thanks very useful info

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It seems good enough. It’s a bit quirky using on my Shield. I need to use the Mouse Toggle some to navigate, but not too bad. You must enable it in accessibility before you can access it. Price is reasonable, especially if you go the multi-year route, and you can get the 30 day free trial.

It has some very good features. It scanned all 51 of my active apps. It did not scan any system apps. The app icon will not appear on my app page or in my favorites. Also, for some reason I TV App Repo would not create a shortcut. Not a biggie as I have other ways to make a shortcut and the app does appear when using my Wolf or Projectivy launchers.

I will test it out for the 30 days and see. If I keep it, I will go with the 3 yr sub @ $5.83 a year.

Yeah I like it seems to do a good job. It is a little quirky on the shield I have it on my phone and seems to run smoother. All in all I like it

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