Vilfo, Router Review, Tips, & Tricks

Shout out to Troy for recommending Vilfo. I ordered and installed it yesterday, with help from Vilfo. It came quickly and support as quick as possible with a 7-hour time difference.
So even with my IT challenges (I’m illiterate) and crappy country WiFi, it is working beautifully, and I no longer have ipVanish eating into my limited bandwidth. I to0 recommend Vilfo as a worthy investment.

Good to know as I will be needing new equipment when I move to Tennessee next year. Thanks for posting!

@denadavidson99 thanks for your comment on this. VPN routers aren’t for everyone but they are very nice for set it and forget it setup. Glad you like it! I will be doing additional tutorials on this in the future. One of my favorite products of 2020 for sure.