Vilfo router disconnecting VPN?

Help…I purchased my Vilfo router after Troy reviewed/rec’d it and until the last few days have had only minor hiccups.
Basics: I’ve set up multiple groups in the router (Amazon/Computers/etc) so I can keep an eye on things. I’ve also set it up to reboot every morning to refresh the system. I’ve had IPVanish for years (strictly on devices prior to getting the Vilfo) and haven’t had any issues. Protocol: wireguard; Kill switch enabled.
No system changes were made prior to this issue beginning, altho I have now disabled the VPN kill switch as a t-shooting check. (obv d/n resolve it)
So lately a few of my devices have been losing their connection. When I log into the Vilfo, some groups indicate they’re connected to the VPN (time connected and server location), but also state it can’t find an external IP. So, I disconn and re-establish a connection (letting it default to location or selecting one, no difference). It reconns and within 10-20 minutes, devices in that group lose their connection again. The ONLY way I can maintain a steady connection is to remove all groups, leaving everything in “Unsorted devices” and NOT connected to IPVanish. I setup a test group and added a few Fire-devices; the Vilfo shows them online but neither appears to have a connection to the 'net.
I’ve messaged Vilfo for assistance but haven’t heard anything back. I have to believe that there’s something wrong with the Vilfo router, but w/o their tech support getting back to me, I’m lost as to a fix.
I’ve already got a new ASUS RT-AX3000 in my cart at Amazon, but don’t want to jump too soon if I can find the issue.

TIA for any help!

I used a Vilfo router for a few years and found their support excellent. I can’t help you with your questions, but I assume you know they are in the Netherlands I think. So they tended to respond to me after 24 hours and not on weekends. But, perhaps you already knew this.

Until now, I’ve had no major issues, but when I’ve contacted Vilfo support, as you said, they were very prompt in responding. Until now…they still haven’t answered my request for support.
But, as it seems it was in fact the VPN servers causing my issues, which they have since resolved, I may be in the market for a different router to support my VPN in the near future. I see a few that TP has reviewed/recommended, soooo…