For a long time, the best link for watching shows or movies was VIDSRC|DIRECT. Then one day it stopped working and has never come back. I just signed up for Real Debrid and was hoping this was one of the links that would play again but it seems not to be the case. Is there any method to getting this link to work as it was so reliable?


Well, realdebrid pulls from a huge lists of links for movies and shows. Don’t rely on one link, it’s probably down or debunked…

You have real debrid, use it for all its advantages. If it’s down or gone nothing anyone can do.

Thanx TP - I had one episode of 1 series that had 3 RD links and just the VIDSRC. The 3 Debrid links did not work and neither did the VIDSRC. I forgot that I had CinemaHD and at least I could watch it in SD.


Can try other resources as well.

Rd I would go with the following:

Kodi with crew or seren

Stremio is your best free source.

Oath has done me well up to recently. Even with RD I often get SD playable links only. It may be time to retry others.

OK so I did a search for this vidsrc in my Silk browser on my 4K Max. I found it and it runs, but man it’s a lot of work to use. Links are provided in a json file but you have to read through to find the code for what you want to play. I’ve never used this before so I may not be doing it correctly, but it does play movies very well.

Thanx Miki - That may start me on a search as well!

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