Verizon blocking firestick

I getting this response when I try and access Cinema HD.
Firestick tv stick 4k tried to access But we blocked it. It’s part of the potential illegal software, pup’s categories. Should we allow this.

I’m using a vpn. Does this mean that Verizon is able to bypass the vpn to track my online use

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If your using a VPN your internet data will be secure and the isp won’t see your logs for any of these apps.

Make sure to allow these apps to install with unknown sources turned on.

You will be fine. It’s just trying to circumvent these apps from installing by warning you. There really isn’t anything they can do about it to stop you even if they say it. It’s widely available. They would just throttle you. Keep your vpn on and use it.

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I had a message from my internet provider when I first installed IPVanish saying they would not allow me to use it. I clicked on scramble mode and have not had a problem since. Don’t think this is related to your problem, but thought I would post it anyway.


I also have the same problem with Verizon ( I think)

I tried to use a different android box to do upgrades on i

it cause I haven’t used it in months. while updating I was on the kodi app and the next thing I was on the i

internet (google) then the signal was scrambled for

about 10 seconds! after that it went back to kodi on its

own. I have called Verizon help twice and of course,

they deny slowing down my speed.

also, can anyone give me their opinion on which is better, ipvanish or surfshark?
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They will all deny it. They technically aren’t allowed and is illegal.

But they will. Honestly nord better than both in my opinion.

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I’ve had cinema had installed for months with the same vpn I’ve used for years so installation isn’t the problem. I have a different box on another tv and it works fine. Only problem is recently with firestick

Yeah, us cord cutters use VPN’s for the obvious reason of not getting in trouble and shutdown from our ISPs. But there is nothing illegal about a VPN at all and some use it all day every day just to keep outsiders from knowing where we go and what we look at. The same way you can ask your apps not to track or send and receive data.

But, with that being said, while a VPN is not illegal, and there’s currently nothing that an ISP can legally do to stop you from using it, specific app owners and providers CAN, WILL, and have in the past, not allowed you to have a VPN enabled while using their app.

Right now you can use a VPN to look like you’re in a different country to get different regional choices on apps like Netflix. However they sometimes intentionally don’t let you use them and if you tried you’d get a pop up saying to disable your VPN before they’d let you use their app.

That’s why I started using ExpressVPN for my VPN. I used to use others, but because they would broadcast their VPN server IP addresses, sites or apps could just block them all and not allow traffic to flow to and from them. Which kind of defeated the purpose. So I swapped to ExpressVPN and never had another problem. That’s been years ago now though and I’m not 100% sure if that’s still an issue or not. But the other thing to look for in a VPN is to find one that doesn’t log data. So no one will ever know your actual IP address and can’t compel ExpressVPN to disclose anywhere that you’ve visited on the web because they don’t log the data anyway. Now it’s not like I’m doing anything that I’m trying to hide, with the exception of streaming, but it’s still good insurance.

I honestly think it Amazon. I’ve had the same thing happen w/ Cinema on Firestick 4k. I received a similar message along w my mac address. I thought it was Comcast. I left them but still had issues of Firestick locking up blocking app. Even blocked Troypoint downloads at one point. I always have my vpn on. I’ve had two firesticks disabled by Amazon updates.

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