Venom Functions

I normally use Seren. Mainly for the auto next feature when watching a tv show. But I got to messing around in Venom and I discovered that when playing movies from a category (ex:horror) when the selected movie ends the next one on that list plays!
That’s really cool…
I’ve yet to find a category that has a movie collection in order so I have created a playlist by selecting the movies in the order I want to view them. If I exit out of that movie my playlist vanishes. Is it possible to save a playlist? This has nothing to do with Trakt, to be clear.
In addition, if I add a movie by long press ok/select button then click on “add to playlist” the playlist isn’t saved. However, if I long press ok/select button then click “playlist manager” > “add to playlist” I can pull up the playlist. Is this normal/usual or is something off?

I recently installed Kodi 19.2. Venom is not recognizing my Real-Debrid. In tools, it shows my Real-Debrid account with the correct expiration and other information. When I search for a movie, I get “no debrid account” message. Can someone advise me where to look to correct this.

I had a similar problem, have you tried reauthorizing Debrid


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