Vacation "Testing" (Lightsaber not required)

The following is probably very obvious to a lot of you Streaming Veterans out there, but hopefully it will help some who have not attained such lofty heights just yet.
So I went on a little 3 day-vacay last week to grab some cool-down pool time. I thought I could watch my favorite baseball team on Hotel Cable, but even they are not subscribing to the package needed for my beloved Bravos. I should have brought a pre-configured 4kmax but did not. (Padawan mistake) The TV in our room looked fairly new, but was firmly attached to the wall. I did see the HDMI ports though, but the menu did not show how to gain access to switch over even if I did have a firestick with me. (I found it later thru the power switch, so now I know and noted such) I did have my laptop and decided to do a little more “testing”. Would the Hotels seemingly lame wireless access and its Sith inspired “garden-wall” allow me to run my VPN? I Fired up trusty IPVanish and YES, I linked straight back to my home server. Clean and Crisp, I even streamed some tunez to jam to while the wife tried to hog the rest of the bandwidth. Claimed some “work-related-seminar-nursing-ceu-thingy” was deemed “important”. Harummph. (She does rock those over-the-ear bluetooth headphones right nicely though I must say!) Anyway, here’s what I learned and it was so fun I thought id share it with yall. I ran a speed test and it was only 28 meg down and about 25 up. I had never tried Kodi on a PC before, so why not now? I summoned the Force by launching Troypoint and followed the tutorial. Loaded and configured great.(all with ipvanish running too!) I installed the Crew and activated the sports for it. Again, smooth as silk. Searched for my team and was able to get the “Away” feed. Stream began playing the live game. I’m wondering now…“when will the buffering start since the bandwidth is so low?” IT NEVER BUFFERED ONE SECOND FOR THE WHOLE GAME!!! 9 full innings of viewing bliss. Even with such limited bandwidth. At Home, Its usually hit or miss for me (at times) thru TVMate and my IPTV service. Glad I discovered this built-in “backup” plan of Kodi and the Crew Sports add-on. My laptop is fairly powerful, with 32 gigs ram and intel i-9 quad core cpu and 10 gig wireless. Maybe that’s it. Stronger hardware. Now i’m anxious to install Kodi on my Lenovo Mini PC I have hung on my main TV. We all know that Buffering is the DeathStar for Streaming. I hate buffering so much I almost drifted back to the Dark Side and called Spectrum. Help me Obi-Won! That is NOT the way. So for all you quick trip travelers or those lucky enough for extended stays, take a stick with you, and try Kodi on PC or Laptop for a hopefully buffer free experience. Also pack some HDMI cables just in case! Safe Streams to all!

That’s fantastic @Reece!! Good for you and very good to know and informative! I’m not completely :100: here either but I would almost bet money that yes the high-end hardware definitely played a key role here in this story!! The newer i9 doesn’t play around that’s for sure!! Very kewl :ok_hand:t3: :+1:t3:

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Awesome that you were able to get your Baseball Game on the Road. Yeah I use KODI on my windows PC a lot, mostly to test new Builds, addons, etc…Much easier and faster to install on PC IMO so often times I’ll test things there first before installing on Android Box connected to TV


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