Utility Apps for Nvidia or Firestick

Wondering if anyone has favorites for Firestick and Nvidia utility apps? 1 Click app closing, Downloading APKs, etc. Thanks!

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I don’t run anything Amazon but on Shield Pro and KM2 there are a few places I’ve poked around. Of course the Troypoint Toolbox has great APK’s. I use Downloader, Google Play Store as well as I’ve looked around Apitoide and have used Unlinked on my Z10 Pro Max

background apps and processes list/
fast task killer/
ESFile Explorer/



Aurora Store w/full Play Store setup.

X-plore File Manager - Apps on Google Play

Dr. Web
Dr.Web Security Space - Apps on Google Play

Cache Cleaner
TDUK APP Cache Cleaner - Apps on Google Play

App Killer (when it becomes available in the next few days)

VPN ~ Surfshark with the Monitor Dot

I use these apps on an as need basis.
Send Anywhere
Mouse Toggle for Android
Set Orientation
Button Mapper
TV App Repo
TP Toolbox

I have these on my Shield but will most likely eliminating in the near future because they will be redundant with the above replacement.
*SD Maid
*Virus Total
*Background Apps and Process List
*Fast Task Killer

Almost forgot. this is not an app on your device but is a fantastic app to have on your phone or tablet to help aid you with your Nvidia.
NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Apps on Google Play

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Does the TDUK App Cache killer also close all the open apps at once?

If not, then I would think that the Device Preferences>Storage>Cached Apps will do the same thing in Shield without adding another app and saving space?


Not the Cache Cleaner app. It only clears all cache. He has an App Killer app that is still pending in the Google Play Store. The App Killer app will close all running apps except for your systems apps.

When Google finally approves the app. It will become available for general use.

True, the Nvidias have an easy way to clear all cache, too. However, I found using his app is a bit more convenient and tend to clear cache more often because of the convenience.

Btw, I have 256 gig of extra space. Not too concerned about saving space.