Ustvgo will not recognize surfshark vpn

Ustvgo will not recognize my SurfShark vpn and will not display the play button while only offering me the option to purchase Nord.

How coincidental as I had just read the review about this VPN by Troypoint and a bit of a wait and see attitude regarding price as Nord purchased it.

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Nord purchased Ustv or Surfshark? With Surfshark Ustvgo is telling me I am unprotected while I clearly am. The weird thing is I just left Nord after 3 years and bought Surfshark. Oh, and it also took a bit of time to avoid Ustvgo asking me for my credit card even though the service was free.

be careful with imposters. I was checking out ustvgo using the silk browser and noticed there are more thab just one. Clicked on a few and offers started flowing :joy:…clicked out asap

Yes, I ran into that also and clicked out immediately

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